Soft Robotics Releases Configurable Gripper Kit
Denrie Caila Perez posted on February 28, 2019 |
Soft Robotics introduced the Soft Robotics Development Kit 2.0, a new plug-and-play custom automatio...

When working with collaborative robotics, it’s essential to use end effectors that are as collaborative, safe and flexible as the robots themselves. Grippers can have pinch points or sharp edges that make them dangerous in close proximity to people.

Soft Robotics has recently introduced the Soft Robotics Development Kit 2.0, a new plug-and-play custom automation solution kit for assembly lines that allows users to build, prototype, and test different configurations.

Soft Robotics recently unveiled their new expanded and upgraded class of robot grippers, the Soft Robotics Development Kit 2.0 (SRDK 2.0). The gripping system enables industrial robots to perform and automate multiple tasks. This includes primary and secondary food handling, packaging and pick & place, as well as packaging and pick & place of packaged goods.

With the development kit, users can build and test many possible grip formations across numerous applications. It comes with the following:

●      Robot tool flange mounting plate

●      4, 5 and 6 position hub plates

●      Tool Center Point

●      Soft Robotics Control Unit G2

●      6 rail mounted, 4 accordion actuator modules

●      Custom pneumatic manifold

●      Mounting hardware and accessories

While the SRDK 1.0 only had 5 four accordion actuator modules and the ability to create a gripper with two to five actuators, the new version now includes 6 four accordion actuator modules. Not only that, it also includes a six position hub which users to configure six actuator test tools. This means that use of the system has expanded to accommodate more product applications, such as: large bagged and pouched items, IV bags, bags of nuts, bread and other food items.

The SRDK 2.0 also comes with an upgraded Soft Robotics Control Unit (SRCU-G2). This proprietary system controls all software and hardware through a single turnkey pneumatic operation. Users of the new upgraded version can enjoy a new software that has a cleaner and user-friendly interface. The software is capable of storing up to eight profiles and can make precise adjustments to both actuation and vacuum.

Besides the SRDK 2.0, Soft Robotics also introduced three accessory kits that allows for even more expanded application use.

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