KUKA Launches Next-Generation Robot Arm
Matthew Greenwood posted on February 11, 2019 |
The KR QUANTEC, already a bestseller, gets an upgrade to boost its versatility.

KUKA’s best-selling robot arm just got a significant upgrade.

The KR QUANTEC—with over 100,000 units delivered since 2010—has proven to be a workhorse in a variety of industries, with a broader range of applications than many of its competitors. With a payload capacity of 120 to 300 kilograms and a maximum reach of 3,100 millimeters, the robotic arm is highly valued in a range of industries and can be found in automotive assembly lines, foundries and medical labs, among other applications.

The next-generation KR QUANTEC expands that versatility. A slimmed-down modular system gives the robot the flexibility to take on a wide variety of tasks. It also results in fast delivery times that enable clients to get a customized robot for their projects without a prolonged wait.

The robot has a high degree of adaptability and versatility thanks to special-purpose variants and technical optimization. New features include an upgradable payload capacity, shortened stopping distances and a customizable optimized working range.

The new arm also features the capacity to add digital “motion modes”—a first in the industry, according to the robot maker. These modes consist of software add-ons that enable users to optimize the robot for specialized operations. The “path mode” allows for CP motion with increased accuracy and precision, while the “dynamic mode” increases the robot’s speed—which helps reduce cycle time at bottlenecks in the production process. The modes can be loaded quickly and easily into the robot controller. Customers will have to wait a bit for these modes, however. While deliveries of the new KR QUANTEC will begin in April, the first motion mode won’t be available until the second half of 2019.

As a result of the robot arm’s upgrades, the new KR QUANTEC can also result in a lower total cost of ownership. The modular system uses fewer components than competing offerings, resulting in less wear and tear—which in turn allows for the partial elimination of some maintenance measures. Downtimes and maintenance requirements are also reduced thanks to an innovative new cable and energy supply system. And with a simplified start-up process, the machine will be ready to go in no time.

Robotic bending and stamping of metal stabilizers with the KR QUANTEC.

“The KR QUANTEC series presents a robot generation that sets a new standard for both conventional and digitized production environments,” according to KUKA’s website. The company hopes the upgraded robot arm will help it maintain market share—and enable its customers to continue innovating.

“With the new KR QUANTEC generation, customers are already investing in the future of their production today,” said Wolfgang Bildi, product manager for KUKA.

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