Video: How ROS Industrial is Making Machines and Robots Talk to Each Other
James Anderton posted on January 30, 2019 |
Using MTConnect, ROS Industrial has developed a next-generation robotic cell.

Robotics and automation have been making manufacturing processes more efficient for decades, but historically, they’ve always been programmed to follow a specific coordinate path. In many cases, a part in the wrong location or a change to the process can cause a stoppage.

Now, researchers are finding ways to leverage MT connect not just to report machine data, but to enable machine-to-machine communication. This allows automated processes to become more flexible.

Matt Robinson of ROS Industrial showed us a fascinating demo of a workcell in which a CNC milling machine, a robot arm, and a CMM are using the technology to flexibly work together. This could be a game changer for flexible automation both inside and outside the factory environment.

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