Video: Protecting Machine Controls from Cyber Attacks Using Whitelisting
James Anderton posted on January 23, 2019 |
Siemens uses a whitelisting system to protect your assets from cyber-physical attacks using software...

In today's factory, one of the most critical security threats is not from a hacker breaking into the network remotely, but from what's called cyber-physical threats. One common example of this type of threat occurs when an employee plugs in an infected USB drive into a machine, allowing malware onto the machine, and possibly onto the network.

While part of this problem is the malware on the USB device, the risk of this type of attack can be greatly reduced by good cyber hygiene training for all employees. However, as every manager of a fast food restaurant knows, even the best hygiene training isn't always followed 100%.

To address this, Siemens offers a cyber security software tool which prevents unknown devices from connecting to the machine. This system, described in the video above, prevents malware threats from a variety of sources, protecting your factory assets and data.

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