Video: Why a Pre-Engineered Cell Could be the Better Buy - Industrial Robot Costs
James Anderton posted on January 18, 2019 |

How much does a robot cost?

For manufacturing professionals seeking to procure flexible automation for tasks such as automated assembly, deburring, or welding, it can be difficult to find information about how much you can expect to spend.

Starting with the price point of twenty thousand dollars, we took a walk through the Yaskawa booth with Zane Michael, director of business development for welding, to answer the question: How much robot can you get for twenty thousand dollars, and what can you expect to spend to get the job done?

Zane Michael, director of thermal business development at Yaskawa Motoman, showed us the Motomini, a 0.5kg payload six axis robot, one of the smallest on the market. Next, we saw the GP-8, an 8kg general-purpose robot, ideal for pick and place or machine tending tasks, for example. Lastly, the Arcworld pre-engineered welding cell is a turnkey solution for robotic arc welding. 

To learn more about the costs of robots, check out our free downloadable report on The Real Costs of an Industrial Robot Integration.

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