HMS Industrial Networks Launches Partner Program for Developing Industrial IoT Solutions
Isaac Maw posted on December 04, 2018 |
Image courtesy of HMS Industrial Networks
Image courtesy of HMS Industrial Networks

Many manufacturing professionals are becoming interested in the opportunities of industrial IoT and cloud-connected factory analytics and control, but it can be challenging to find an entry point into these often complex, interconnected systems, especially when you aren’t familiar with the hardware and software involved.

At, we’ve written several in-depth articles about starting IIoT  projects from basic condition monitoring to advanced predictive maintenance, and most experts agree that bringing in a vendor or system integrator to run a pilot project or consultation is a smart way to begin the procurement process. This recent news is an example of one of those resources.

HMS Industrial Networks has recently announced the launch of the HMS Solution Partner Program, a global program where HMS and its Solution Partners join forces to meet the growing need for smart IIoT-solutions among customers in all industrial fields.

By integrating their IoT software to HMS hardware, HMS’ Solution Partners aim to help customers acquire, monitor, process and analyse data from industrial devices, machines and systems, solving business and production challenges for the customers. Partners who join the program work with products from HMS’ brands Anybus®, IXXAT® and eWON®.

“Thanks to HMS Solution Partner Program, our customers will benefit from IIoT solutions that help improve their insight and business. The combination of HMS' hardware and our partners’ IoT software is a perfect foundation for smart and secure end-to-end solutions for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Together with our competent partners, we make it easy for customers to extract value from their industrial data,” said Hans Larsson, CCO at HMS Industrial Networks.

Staffan Dahlström, CEO of HMS Industrial Networks commented: “HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software, and this is really the essence of HMS’ Solution Partner Program, where our long experience in industrial data connectivity meets our partners’ ability to use the industrial data to deliver innovative IoT-solutions to customers all over the world. This new ecosystem of partners is an important step for HMS related to IIoT.”

For more information, you can check out HMS Solution Partner Program here.

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