Danish Cobot Accessory Maker Opens First U.S. HQ
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on November 02, 2018 |
Denmark-based OnRobot opens its first U.S. headquarters in Dallas.

There’s a new kid on the block. Well, sort of. OnRobot, an international leader in end-of-arm tools for collaborative robots (cobots), recently opened its first U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Tex. The news comes within six months of the Denmark-based firm’s acquisition of three companies located in the U.S., Denmark and Hungary.

The Dallas location was selected for its proximity to company partners, as well as its central U.S. location, which will make it easier to provide training and demonstrations.

OnRobot recently opened its first U.S. headquarters in Dallas. (Image courtesy of OnRobot.)
OnRobot recently opened its first U.S. headquarters in Dallas. (Image courtesy of OnRobot.)

“North America is rapidly becoming one of our primary markets, and we looked at several locations from coast to coast before settling on Dallas,” said Kristian Hulgard, OnRobot Americas Division general manager. “Not only was it the prime location for our business; we were also pleased to see the tech boom that has been going on in the city. As more manufacturers and tech companies realize the benefit of growing their businesses in this region, OnRobot will also benefit from the quality of talent that is sure to follow.”

Located in the Urban Towers within the city’s Las Colinas area, about 15 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport, the new headquarters is an ideal location for future expansion. Next, the company will begin recruiting nationwide. Its goal is to grow the current staff of four to around 35 employees in the next couple of years.

OnRobot was established in 2015. Its recent acquisitions have boosted its footing in the industry. The company provides a variety of hardware and software for cobots from a range of companies—such as Universal Robots, KUKA, FANUC and Yaskawa—including electric grippers, force/torque sensors, gecko grippers and tool changers.

An OnRobot VG2 Gripper on a UR5. (Image courtesy of OnRobot.)
An OnRobot VG2 Gripper on a UR5. (Image courtesy of OnRobot.)

OnRobot’s line of products helps simplify automated tasks for packaging, quality control, material handling, machine operation, assembly and welding. The company’s gecko gripper even earned an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award (IERA) at the 2018 50th International Symposium on Robotics in Munich. The gripper offers a new approach for industrial cobots, allowing them to lift and attach to smooth surfaces. Its potential uses include sheet metal processing and fabrication.

OnRobot shows no signs of slowing down. Besides the new U.S. headquarters, the company also has locations in Germany, China, Malaysia and Hungary.

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