Latest Production Tech: HEIDENHAIN Angle Encoders, NUM Torque Motors & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on October 11, 2018 |

Balluff Safety Switches

Series of safety switches. (Image courtesy of Balluff.)
Series of safety switches. (Image courtesy of Balluff.)

Balluff launched a family of mechanical safety switches with a locking force of 2,500N and latching force of 10N, making the guardlock insensitive to vibration even when unlocked.The line, which is “plug & play” thanks to the use of M12 connectors (5 or 8-pin), includes variants with and without mechanical guard locking (standard tongue switch), or with electrical guard locking to protect personnel and/or processes.

The standard tongue version can be used to detect when a guard is opened and then quickly stop the process, whereas the multiple guardlocking versions can be used to “lock” guards and doors until the process has safely come to a halt. Options for the guardlocking switches include power-to-lock with or without emergency release and with or without auxiliary release.

For more information, visit Balluff’s website.

Enerpac Electric Tensioning Pump

ZUTP1500-S Electric tensioning pump. (Image courtesy of Enerpac.)
ZUTP1500-S Electric tensioning pump. (Image courtesy of Enerpac.)

Enerpac introduced its ZUPT1500-S Series electric tensioning pump. The ZUTP1500-S includes a pendant-operated solenoid valve designed for multiple bolt tensioning applications, which also allows for single-person operation. The operator can pressurize and retract the tensioner directly from the pendant. The pump can achieve high-pressure without the need for an intensifier.

Another feature of the pump is the two-stage pump design that provides high-flow at low-pressure for rapid system fills and controlled flow at high pressure. The device also has a panel-mounted 6in pressure gauge with a polycarbonate cover set into the protective metal shroud.

For more information, visit Enerpac’s website.

HEIDENHAIN Angle Encoders

ERP 1000 series of angle encoders. (Image courtesy of HEIDENHAIN.)
ERP 1000 series of angle encoders. (Image courtesy of HEIDENHAIN.)

HEIDENHAIN announced a series of angle encoders called the ERP 1000. These encoders are built for accurate measurement and positioning applications within semiconductor and metrology equipment.

Consisting of a glass disk bonded to a hub and a scanning unit that scans the graduation on the surface of the disk, the ERP 1000s are available with four sizes of disks and segments. The disks can have up to 63,000 lines with accuracy to +/- 0.9 arc seconds and up to 2600RPM. A reference mark is included. Multiple scanning units can be used to increase accuracy even further.

For more information, visit HEIDENHAIN’s website.

MSA Flame Detector

FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector. (Image courtesy of MSA.)
FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector. (Image courtesy of MSA.)

MSA introduced the General Monitors FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector, which helps safeguard people, equipment and facilities.The FL500 optical flame detector is FM performance approved for six fuel sources: butane, ethane, heptane, methane, methanol and propane. By combining a UV sensor for response with an IR sensor that monitors flame-emitted radiation, the FL500 operates with false alarm immunity to provide improved monitoring.

The FL500 features a field of view up to 130 degrees and three external LED indicators for local verification by technicians of normal operation, fault conditions and alarms. On-board relays provide detector status communications with automated plant safety and control systems via HART, Modbus, 4-20 mA sink or source communications.

For more information, visit MSA’s website.

NUM Frameless Torque Motors

TMX frameless torque motor. (Image courtesy of NUM.)
TMX frameless torque motor. (Image courtesy of NUM.)

NUM released a range of brushless torque motors. Employing optimized magnetics, the company’s TMX series direct drive motors have a low cogging torque. They are designed for applications that necessitate smooth and accurate rotation. Typical uses include direct drive machine tools, rotary tables and radial positioning units.

The TMX units are capable of providing continuous torque when stalled and designed for direct attachment to the load. This removes the need for gearboxes or shaft couplings to provide backlash-free rotary transmission. The rotor and frameless stator are supplied as component parts and primarily intended for applications that require total integration of the motor within the servomechanism to reduce weight or volume.

For more information, visit NUM’s website.

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