IMTS Day 3 – Robotics and Interconnected Machining
Matthew Greenwood posted on September 12, 2018 |
New announcements from Yaskawa Motoman, ONRobot and HEIDENHAIN.

Yaskawa Motoman’s MH900 Heavy Robot

The company unveiled its MH900 heavy-duty robot. The six-axis MH900 features a 900 kg payload capacity, a 4,683 mm horizontal reach and 6,209 mm vertical reach.

The MH900 can easily accommodate a range of large, heavy components, such as car and truck frames, agriculture equipment and skid-loads of bricks and other hefty objects. It is also ideal for “jigless” applications where the robot positions a part for processing by other robots.

Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld 1000 and ArcWorld 1200

Yaskawa Motoman also introduced its upgraded ArcWorld family of pre-engineered robotic arc welding workcells.

These robots feature a customer-driven design and standard options aimed at optimizing small- to medium-sized part production for medium to high volumes. Each model is customizable and easy to install.

Single robot (ArcWorld 1000) and dual robot (ArcWorld 1200) configurations are available. Both models feature the new six-axis AR1440 robot with a 12-kg payload capacity that can support a variety of torques and sensors.

Yaskawa Motoman’s Smart Pendant

The robotics company also demonstrated its new robot programmer, the Smart Pendant.

The pendant allows for simplified programming and fast implementation, with a tablet-based interface that offers a simple learning curve compared to the standard pendant and is well suited for novice robot programmers.

The controller features automatic programming feedback which can reduce programmer errors, and its quick error recovery can reduce costly downtime. Its interface displays relevant information during playback allowing users to easily monitor variables, positions and I/O during runtime.

Smart Pendant is available for use with select Yaskawa robots. It uses a digital version of the YRC1000 pendant used to control the ArcWorld products.

Find out more on Yaskawa Motoman’s website.

ONRobot’s Dual Vacuum Gripper

ONRobot displayed the world’s first gripper specifically for cobots, developed by Purple Robotics which was recently acquired by ONRobot.

The dual vacuum gripper can give a robot arm two “hands”—and the ability to handle several items simultaneously and solve multiple tasks in one movement.

The vacuum gripper is able to gently and efficiently handle items of many different dimensions, weights, materials and shapes. The lifting capacity is 10 kilograms (22 lbs) and the robot gripper is designed for use on a wide range of light-weight robots from all robot manufacturers.

It also features an electric pump integrated in the gripper itself, meaning users do not need to worry about hoses, compressed air and cables.

Find out more on ONRobot’s website.

HEIDENHAIN Connected Machining System with StateMonitor Software

HEIDENHAIN displayed its Connected Machining package of components and systems, particularly its new StateMonitor software.

The Connected Machining suite supports end users by introducing digital order management into their production processes. The software package can link equipment from various machine tool builders.

StateMonitor has been developed for CNC manufacturing personnel implementing Industry 4.0 connected systems. The software captures, visualizes and evaluates the status of connected machines and displays it on any networked terminals—a TNC control, mobile device or PC. The software will be compatible with the MTConnect and OPC UA platforms.

Find out more on HEIDENHAIN’s website.

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