VIDEO: 7 Autodesk CAD/CAM Platforms in Under 7 Minutes
James Anderton posted on November 07, 2017 |
‘Make anything’ with Fusion360, NetFabb and more.

Autodesk is a major player in the CAD space, and with the recent acquisition of CAD/CAM developer Delcam, they’ve recently rolled additional applications into their product line.

With a new subscription-based pricing model, Autodesk hopes to gain market share by making it easier for students, hobbyists, engineers and designers to gain experience with their products. That’s critical in the software space, because companies, especially SMEs, won’t buy software their employees aren’t familiar with, no matter how feature-rich it is.

Watch the video above to hear Jamie Schell, product specialist at Autodesk, describe some of the powerful tools available now. Read on below for a brief rundown of the applications mentioned in the video.

1. Fusion360

Fusion360 aims to combine CAD, CAM and CAE in one platform. The app includes design tools for modeling, drawing and sculpting; simulation tools for rendering, simulating tooling and workholding and creating assemblies; and other manufacturing tools for creating toolpaths and 3D printing workflows.

According to Schell, Fusion360 is not just being used by the manufacturing industry. Artists, clothing designers and even kids have also been able to apply the tools to their own projects and designs. 

2. PowerMill

One of the Delcam products obtained in the acquisition, PowerMill is CAM software for turning and up to 5-axis machining. Features of PowerMill include stock and tool simulation for collision checking and toolpath calculation.

3. PowerShape

PowerShape is a CAD product that specializes in mold & die modeling. The software allows for surface, solid and mesh modeling. 

4. FeatureCAM

FeatureCAM is an CNC programming platform for automated CAM which supports mills, lathes, turning centers, EDM and other machine tools.

5. PowerInspect

PowerInspect is 3D measurement and metrology software. It can be used with CNC/DCC CMMs. It supports automated, manual and non-contact inspection.

6. NetFabb

NetFabb is additive manufacturing software, designed to support an entire AM workflow, from printer parameters, to lattice optimization, build envelope packing and finished part simulation.

7. Shared Views

Shared Views is an online collaboration tool, available within many Autodesk tools. It allows users to show models or simulations to customers or collaborators. It essentially allows users to upload a view of an Autodesk product file to be accessed via Autodesk Viewer. This allows people without software seats to see and share designs or models.

For more information about Autodesk products, visit the company website.

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