Video: Non-Destructive Testing with Laser Monitoring for Metal Additive Manufacturing
Isaac Maw posted on October 20, 2017 |

Many of the benefits of additive manufacturing also present new challenges for quality control. One of these challenges is to the practice of destructive testing. With large batch sizes and predictable metallurgical qualities across all billet material, it makes sense to sacrifice one part in order to verify quality. But with additive manufacturing, it may not be feasible to destructively test a part. Material powder quality, complex design geometries and the relative lack of established design principles all introduce potential for flaws in printed parts.

To solve this problem, SLM Solutions developed two monitoring strategies that collect data directly from the deposition process: laser power monitoring and melt pool monitoring. The former involves refracting the laser beam via a beam splitter and directs it into a photodiode. This data shows real-time laser power output. Melt pool monitoring measures the reflected energy from the melt pool.

With this data, metal additive builds can be tracked and improved, leading to faster and more cost-effective quality assurance. Check out the video above to learn more about these features.

For more information about this machine, visit the SLM Solutions website. 

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