This Virtual Shopfloor Puts Data-Driven Manufacturing at Your Fingertips
Isaac Maw posted on October 11, 2017 | 2436 views

Modern industrial automation is about integrating a lot of different pieces of equipment doing different things. In data-driven manufacturing, having the tools to analyze and manage the stream of real-time process data is critical.

FANUC is a leading robotics and automation supplier, with products like the Robodrill, gantry systems, and collaborative robots. For manufacturing operations management software, we typically think of companies like Rockwell, Siemens, or Memex. But with MT Link-i, FANUC offers a useful tool that could help manufacturers harness the power of the industrial internet of things.

Watch the video to learn more: Mike Ellis, CNC division manager at FANUC Canada, discusses the features and functions of this IIoT technology.


For more on IIoT software in manufacturing, check out ERP Can’t Track OEE without the IIoT.

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