VIDEO: HP Chief Engineer Urges Engineers: Stick to Fundamentals
Isaac Maw posted on September 05, 2017 |
Domain knowledge is essential as physical systems are being designed, and data is not readily availa...

In today’s world of big data and advanced analytics, we often think of choosing iterative design and data mining to tackle a problem as a ‘black box,’ without ever addressing the fundamental physics of the phenomenon.

When it comes to complex digital hardware, such as a datacenter, it’s easy to forget that simple kinematics and thermodynamics are still at play within these systems. If engineers stay rooted in these fundamentals, this understanding will pay dividends in their ability to troubleshoot and improve upon the cyber-physical engineering challenges of our time. had an exclusive chat with Chandrakant Patel, chief engineer and senior Fellow at HP following a press chalk-talk he gave on the importance of domain knowledge. 

Listen in to this brilliant conversation about the Newtonian physics occurring within hard disk drives, the new age of engineering, and HP’s advanced technology.

Read Chandrakant’s full LinkedIn article here.

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