Renishaw and Aeromet Collaborate on Additive Manufacturing
Kagan Pittman posted on August 09, 2017 | 2620 views

Additive manufacturing (AM) is quickly becoming a popular alternative to subtractive processes for industries requiring lightweight materials, like aerospace and medical.

Renishaw is well known for its additive technology in the medical device industry and now the company is joining forces with Aeromet International Limited, a supplier of aluminum and magnesium castings for the aerospace and defense industries.

The two companies will optimize Aeromet’s A20X aluminum-copper alloy for additive manufacturing and develop processing techniques for the alloy on Renishaw metal additive manufacturing systems, while also investigating heat treatments for post processing in additively manufactured components.

The A20X family of alloys includes the A205 casting alloy, which is approved under the Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS), as well as AM205 powder for additive manufacturing. The A20X aluminum-copper family is designed for improved strength, fatigue and thermal properties, thanks to a highly-refined microstructure and a unique solidification mechanism.

“A20X is being rapidly adopted for additive manufacturing of aero engine, airframe, space, defense and automotive parts,” said Mike Bond, director of AMT, a division of Aeromet. “It’s unique combination of high strength, high ductility and performance at high operating temperatures make it ideal for lightweight, stressed components. We look forward to making processing techniques for this innovative alloy more widely available to accelerate its adoption.”

Marc Saunders, director of global solutions centers at Renishaw added: “Renishaw’s metal AM systems feature high power lasers, an inert processing environment and open parameters, making them ideal for supporting innovative new materials like A20X. We are working closely with Aeromet to qualify this exciting new alloy on our machines. Through our network of AM Solutions Centers, we can help manufacturers to develop industrial AM processes using A20X.”

For more information, visit the Renishaw and Aeromet International Limited websites.

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