VIDEO: Connecting Design Engineers with Part Makers Globally for Additive Manufacturing
James Anderton posted on June 23, 2017 |
Link3D global platform emphasizes community and security of intellectual property.

Design engineers in a multi-national corporation are likely have the in-house capability to move from prototype parts to pilot or short run production with considerable speed, but most engineers don’t have it so easy.

In the video above, we look at how any engineers can quickly move designs to production using additive manufacturing and online systems such as the system from Link3D.

“We allow engineers from all walks of life to access industry-specific service bureaus across the globe through a secure portal in real time, as well as intellectual property protection,” said Shane Fox, founder and CEO of LINK3D.

Designs are typically proprietary and sometimes even classified – making security a primary concern. Link3D’s platform offers AI-enhanced security features to protect these properties. The AI adapts security parameters to the industry focus users select.

“Our AI understands these industries,” Fox said.

“Let’s say you pick defense, for example – all your meta-data, whether it’s your conversations, files or parameter settings, is encrypted using standard military-grade encryption. We have this process certified through regulatory bodies and once you do that, you’ll only be connected with certifications that you need. Who you’re matched with must also use our secure portal and sign intellectual property agreements that the company issues. That company gives them an encryption key to download the files.”

Service bureaus are vetted extensively by Link3D, verifying their machines in use, materials and post processing capabilities, industry focus, as well as ensuring their machines are validated.

“Once you connect, it is the service bureau’s job to communicate on our platform all their locked-down parameters and validations,” Fox continued. “The service bureaus can upload all their certified files that prove out their machines, back to the engineering company for part certification.”

For more information on how to connect design engineers with part makers, visit the Link3D website.

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