VIDEO: Comau to Enter Collaborative Robot Market with AURA Robotic Arm
James Anderton posted on May 19, 2017 | 1908 views

The future of industrial robotics is collaborative design and intelligence, so that people and machines can work together side by side more productively and safely.

In the video above, we look at how larger industrial robotic arms are becoming more collaborative, while also featuring an aesthetic flair, from companies such as Comau, based out of Turin, Italy.

The AURA collaborative robot takes a conventional industrial robot design and uses a sensitive skin to be touch sensitive to both proximity and pressure, explained Pietro Ottavis, COO at Comau:

“The sensitive skin, paired with a vision system, can provide up to six layers of safety, which makes what was once a standard industrial robot a collaborative one. It can even collaborate with machines like our Agile 1500 AGV.”

The AURA cobot will be made available to the North American market by the end of 2017, Ottavis added.

The AURA has a 110kg (242lbs) payload. A model with a 170kg payload is in development.

With a manual guidance mode, the cobot can be taught a movement path by positioning the robot by hand and an algorithm will replicate the path in the field, Ottavis explained.

“It can serve automotive applications, as well as many other pick and place applications,” Ottavis added. “We have a pilot program in place for logistics applications, food and beverage, palletizing, all the way to electronics.”

The Agile 1500 AGV is equipped with a laser scanner vision system and has a payload of up to 1.5 tonnes. Navigation software allows the AGV to be completely autonomous.

“We’re developing a solution at Comau that allows you to connect these devices and control them remotely, and predict intervention or maintenance if needed,” Ottavis added. “This is Industry 4.0 technology.”

The Agile is intended for use in end-of-line and logistics applications.

For more information, watch the video above and visit the Comau website.

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