Cloud-Based Analytics for Supply Chain and Workforce Performance
Staff posted on May 09, 2017 |
(Image courtesy of Plex.)
(Image courtesy of Plex Systems.)
Plex Systems, a developer of cloud ERP for manufacturing, has introduced two new analytic applications designed to provide manufacturers insight into supply chain performance and their workforce.

The new Supply Chain and Human Capital analytic applications build on the library of applications in the IntelliPlex Analytic Application Suite, a broad suite of cloud analytics for manufacturing organizations.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is designed to connect people, processes, systems and products in manufacturing enterprises. The goal is not only to streamline and automates operations, but also enable greater access to companywide data. The IntelliPlex suite of analytic applications aims to turn that data into configurable, role-based decision support dashboards–with deep drill-down and drill-across capabilities. The IntelliPlex Analytic Application Suite includes analytics for sales, order management, procurement, production and finance professionals.


IntelliPlex Supply Chain Analytic Application

The new IntelliPlex Supply Chain Analytic application provides a dashboard for managing strategic programs, such as enterprise supplier performance, inventory and materials management and customer success. Metrics include:

  • On-time delivery and return rates by supplier, part, material, etc.
  • Production backlog by part group, product time, etc.
  • Spend by supplier and type, including unapproved spend
  • Inventory turns and aging based on type, location, etc.
  • Materials management accuracy, adjustments and trends by type, location, etc.
  • On-time fill rate, customer lead time, average days to ship, fulfillment by location

IntelliPlex Human Capital Analytic Application

The new IntelliPlex Human Capital Analytic Application is designed to support the unique management requirements of manufacturing organizations. The analytics provide an enterprise-wide view, with the ability to drill into specific regions and locations. Metrics and key performance measures include:

  • Training and workforce qualification
  • Injury rate
  • Revenue per employee, part-time vs. full-time, contract
  • Headcount, absence, overtime and turnover

IntelliPlex Analytics

The IntelliPlex suite of analytic applications relies on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to deliver insights to meet changing organizational needs. Users can create custom performance dashboards and combine metrics to form their own analysis based on the data stored in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.  

IntelliPlex Supply Chain and HCM applications are available in Q2 and Q4 2017, respectively.

“The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is the system of record for innovative manufacturing organizations, fueling growth and efficiency for our customers,” said Karl Ederle, Plex Systems group vice president for Product Management. “IntelliPlex takes the rich data from across the Manufacturing Cloud and turns it into the first true dashboard for manufacturing leaders, enabling more informed decisions across the enterprise, on the shop floor and extending to suppliers and customers.”

For more information, visit the Plex website.

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