DENSO Releases Guide to Small Assembly Robot Controllers
Courtney Winchester posted on February 10, 2017 |
Guide emphasizes controller evaluation to assist buyers in making informed decisions.
DENSO Robotics has released a free, six-page guide, titled, “Small Assembly Robots: Evaluating Controllers.”

The new guide offers facts, information and instruction pertaining to small assembly robot controllers. It also includes a segment on buying tips.

This guide was designed to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions. It iterates the role of a robotics controller and emphasizes the necessity of controller evaluation. The guide gives buyers insight on the devices used when integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), including robot programming, communication and operation.

The “Small Assembly Robots: Evaluating Controllers” guide also breaks down the different functions of small assembly robots. It further elaborates on the different controller aspects to consider, from size to speed of operation.

The guide wraps up with “11 Things to Look for When Choosing a Robot Controller.” In this section, DENSO elaborates on ideal qualities and characteristics that typically make a controller functional.

(Image courtesy DENSO Robotics.)

“A robot controller plays a critical role in programming and operating the robot, as well as communicating back and forth with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),” said Peter Cavallo, robotics SM, DENSO Products & Services Americas, Inc. “Understanding controller features is therefore indispensable in making an intelligent buying decision.”

Small assembly robots are used in traditional manufacturing as well as advanced-technology settings, including medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. DENSO acknowledges the growing integration of these robots, as over 77,000 DENSO robots alone are employed in other companies’ facilities.

For more information, visit the DENSO website or download the “Small Assembly Robots: Evaluating Controllers” guide. 

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