VIDEO: Automating Low to Medium Volume Welding Applications
James Anderton posted on January 23, 2017 |

With limited to medium volume production applications, welding automation has historically been an issue. Automating a welding application using hard tooling often results in difficult setups, leaving its practicality limited to larger manufacturers.

In the video above, we talk about new units in automation, such as the Auto-Mate 35HS, which promise efficiency and cost effectiveness for low to mid volume applications with Brian Simons, automation technologist at Lincoln Electric.

“The Auto-Mate 35HS is an entry-level dual-zone system, in which we’re running some mufflers using our touch sensing software and our power mode short-circuit transfer,” Simons described of the application in the video above.

The preconfigured robotic automation cell is built in one piece for easier installation and portability, with a bi-fold door enclosure and dual check safety enclosure with fully integrated safety rated devices. The housed robot uses touch sensing FANUC software paired with the welding wire, in place of a touch probe, for simplicity.

Consumable costs do not change compared to setting up a conventional rotary position with a skilled operator, using the same consumables as a semi-automated application.

The Auto-Mate is not limited to any one robotics brand, being compatible with FANUC, ABB and Yaskawa. Any pick-and-place robot can be installed with the Auto-Mate to load and unload the part zone.

“The Auto-Mate 35HS is an entry-level cell and pre-engineered for first-time robot buyers,” Simons said. “It’s a pre-engineered system sitting at about USD$105,000. We worked hard to get the price point down for entry-level customers.”

For more information on the Auto-Mate 35HS, visit the Lincoln Electric website.

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