SKF Invests Over USD$16.3 Million in Hard Machining Operations
Lucy Elvis posted on January 18, 2017 |
SKF continues recent investment spree for Schweinfurt facility, now totalling over USD$33.3 million.
Large-size tapered roller bearing from Schweinfurt. (Image courtesy SKF.)
Large-size tapered roller bearing from Schweinfurt. (Image courtesy SKF.)

Bearing and seal manufacturing company SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken AB) recently announced an investment of SEK 145 million (USD$16.3 million) into its operations in Schweinfurt, Germany this week.

This investment is the third in a series of significant funding announcements made by SKF in relation to its Schweinfurt facility in the last three months, totalling SEK 297 million ($33.3 million).

The planned investment promises to modernise its cylindrical roller bearing (CRB) production through several innovations. Firstly, a new hard-machining channel will be installed at the company’s Bavarian location, as well as a new heat treatment process and the latest in connectivity solutions.

Hard Machining is an economic method of producing bearing parts using hardened steels in which geometrically defined cutting edges are used to ensure precision. SKF plans to implement this process in combination with greater connectivity; shorter reset times and flexibility of batch sizes will become possible for the Schweinfurt plant. This will allow SKF to increase its competitiveness in large-size bearing production in Germany.

Bearings are used to reduce friction between of metal-on-metal contact between elements within a range of machine and motor processes, with CRBs used for their excellent radial load-bearing capacities. CRBs are primarily used for precision machine tools such as milling and screwing machines, multi-tasking machines and single and multiple edge cutting tools, due to their high radial rigidity.

With a number of variables in CRB production, the flexibility of batch sizes will allow for speedier adjustment between the single, double and multiple row CRB designs that SKF offers. This will enable SKF to enjoy the economic benefits of reduced costs per unit that come with large-batches as well as the enhanced trouble-shooting capabilities of smaller batch sizes, vital to the production and refinement of new precision products.

In the last 18 months SKF has made a series of investment announcements in relation to its operations in: Gothenburg, Sweden and Flowery Branch, USA. This rapid programme of development will likely secure SKF’s position as the largest bearing manufacturer in the world, with over 48,000 employees and distribution to over 130 countries.

The investment at SKF Schweinfurt is expected to be completed in 2018.

For more information about SKF, visit their website.

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