VIDEO: Robot on Robot Action for Up to 12 Axes of Motion!
James Anderton posted on January 06, 2017 | 15558 views

Large and heavy manufacturing applications are being met with bigger, faster and more capable industrial robotics – some of which are gigantic. But what if these robots could be installed one on top of the other?

In the video above, we talk about how size, strength and a greater number of axes are advantageous to robots like ABB’s IRB-660 and IRB-140, with Edward Moritz, sales director at ABB Robotics.

“We put these robots together to provide 12 axes, to be able to move around all kinds of products and for welding applications,” Moritz said. “This kind of setup is applicable for large, heavy equipment welding, like buckets on front end loaders, in car manufacturing or in other large and heavy equipment applications.”

These large robot arms are also well suited toward locomotive applications, where the most dangerous jobs can be relegated to robotics.

Despite the IRB-660 and IRB-140 being installed as a pair, no complexity is added to the control of the robots.

“The robots are controlled with one controller,” Moritz explained.

“In some cases, we can run four robots together on one controller with the MultiMove feature. In this case, we have the IRB-140 at the base of the IRB-660, which is the main frame. Once you know how to run one robot, it’s the same as running the two of them together.”

With the IRB-140 mounted onto the IRB-660 for a welding application, the payload is restricted to the capabilities of the IRB-140, Moritz said, which is three to five kilograms. The advantage comes from the added versatility of the additional axes of movement and extended reach.

“The positioning is very important in welding,” Moritz added.

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