VIDEO: How Universal Robots is Reducing Risk and Project Time for Integrators
James Anderton posted on October 20, 2016 |
One-stop-shopping model puts robots and all their accessories and software packages in one place.

Making industrial robots work effectively is about more than just the robot. Manufacturers need to consider sensors, end effectors and other technologies within the overall package that are required to achieve cost effective production.

In the video above, we speak with Esben Østergaard, co-founder and CFO at Universal Robots (UR), about how UR has teamed with companies like SICK and Robotiq to provide complete collaborative robot packages to manufacturers.

“We thought of creating a forum or ecosystem where integrators could share information and inventions like accessories or programs with each other to help get as many robots as possible out there to make a difference,” said Østergaard.

“This is where the concept for the new Universal Robots+ program came from, which is all about sharing technology through a collaboration with our partners who act as technology providers, or capability providers for our robots,” Østergaard continued.

Universal Robots+ is a website where UR’s customers can customize their robot package online and have access to all compatible the accessories for UR robots available from the company’s partners, including end-effectors, software and more.

UR’s system ultimately reduces project risk and time for integrators, Østergaard explained.

“We’re trying to make the integration process as easy and risk-free as possible for integrators and customers.”

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