6 Critical Issues Roadmap to Industry 4.0: What You Need to Know
Kagan Pittman posted on September 23, 2016 |
Why new leadership models, digitization and information-driven factories are necessary for growth.

As the world looks to the manufacturing industry to drive national and global economic growth, industry leaders are looking for new paradigms to make it happen.

Industry 4.0 is introducing a host of new technologies including IIoT, advanced automation and cloud-connected technologies. The life blood to all of this, is information.

Knowing this, the Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC), an executive-level leadership organization, has released a new report entitled, Critical Issues Roadmap to Manufacturing 4.0.

The report looks at six over-arching issues including:

  1. Factories of the Future
  2. The Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise
  3. Innovation in Manufacturing
  4. Transformative Technologies
  5. Next-Generation Manufacturing Leadership & the Changing Workforce
  6. Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

So what does all this mean?

John Fleming, a member of the MLC’s board of governors believes it’s all about getting connected both digitally and with skilled workers.

“Our future cyber/physical environment will be based on connectivity – connected products, connected supply chains and connected factories,” Fleming explained. “The Council’s leadership is needed to develop the roadmaps and the skilled people necessary to ensure that we can fully utilize the “Industrial Internet of Things” and deliver further progress on the key metrics of safety, quality and cost efficiency.”

For manufacturers to get connected and truly reap the benefits, they’ll have to explore new technologies and automation, which may seem out of their comfort zone.

From the digitization and analysis of manufacturing processes, to interconnection of man and machine with the cloud and mobile apps, to exploring the new world of cybersecurity in manufacturing, there is no shortage of things to learn, experiment with and master. That doesn’t sound so complicated, does it?

However, we’re not without a head start.

At trade shows like the recent IMTS, we’ve been witness to advanced automation, new frontiers in machining and other inspirational technologies.

Industry leaders will continue to innovate, not only because they’re smart enough, but because they’ll have too to keep this manufacturing-hungry world going ‘round.

For more information about the report, visit www.gilcommunity.com

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