5 Automation Videos Under 5 Minutes You Need to Watch
Kagan Pittman posted on August 29, 2016 |
In these five videos, we take a look at popular applications, safety, programming and more.

Industrial automation is of growing importance for manufacturers across the country and with the help of the Internet, it couldn’t be easier to find information about one of the key automation technologies: robots.

We’ve compiled a collection of videos below, all under five minutes in length, on a variety of topics about industrial robots. The videos examine everything from the 10 most popular applications for industrial robots, to safety, to the world's first tattoo by a robot and more.

#1 – 10 Most Popular Applications for Robots

Every year, the International Federation of Robotics issues statistics on industrial robots, ranging from worldwide annual supply, market growth, operational stock and the current most popular applications for industrial robots.

In the video above, ABB shares a video compilation of 10 of the most popular industrial robot applications, including:

  • Arc welding
  • Spot welding
  • Materials handling
  • Machine tending
  • Picking, packing and palletizing
  • and more.

#2 – The Complete Robot Safety Package

When automating any application with industrial robots, safety must be a primary concern. Industrial robot workcells often require accessories such as light curtains, dividers, area scanners, emergency stop buttons and more to keep workers safe.

In the above video, RobotWorx shares with us the basics on what we’ll need to work safely in and around industrial robot workcells.

#3 – Programming Through Gestures and Augmented Reality

Currently, programming an industrial robot requires a certain level of coding knowledge and sometimes manual direction – but what if you could program a robot through gestures and augmented reality?

In the video above, we get to watch an example of exactly that.

#4 – “Flying Robots” in Camshaft Machining Center

In this video, we take a look at a 7-axis robotic design developed by FANUC Robotic Authorized Integrator, TranTek Automation Corporation.

Top loader FANUC R-2000iB rail-mounted robots earned the name “flying robots” for the way they drift along an overhead rail, picking up and delivering parts between cells. The unique setup reduces the amount of fixed automation equipment required, eliminating four individual automation systems in favour of a single system.

#5 – “World’s First” Tattoo by an Industrial Robot

In the above video, we see a FANUC M-710iC robot, commonly used in the automotive industry, that has been programmed to tattoo a spiral shape onto a man’s leg.

Appropriate Audiences, the French design team behind the project, called this the world’s first tattoo by an industrial robot. Working with an engineering researcher, the team went through a number of health and safety checks, simulations and tests on fake body parts to ensure the human subject’s safety. Check out Dezeen.com’s coverage of the story, here.

For more videos on automation, manufacturing and more, check out ENGINEERING.com’s Youtube channel

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