VIDEO: FANUC CNC Simulator Trains Students to Code Tool Paths Off-Machine
James Anderton posted on March 02, 2016 |

When teaching CNC machining, it’s possible to simulate tool paths on the machine control. But how can you train personnel without occupying the machine on the shop floor?

Today, a growing number of technical colleges are finding out how to teach students hands-on skills without the need for expensive machinery by adopting CNC Simulators.

“We developed the CNC Simulator with the technical ability to program, simulate and be hands-on with a controller,” said Frank Nuqui, aerospace manager at FANUC America. “Everything on the CNC Simulator unit is exactly the way it would be on a controller on a machine shop floor.”

CNC Simulators currently available from FANUC are designed to simulate two- and three-axis CNC machines for lathe and mill type turning.

The simulators become an even more powerful teaching tool when paired with FANUC’s PC simulator, Nuqui explained.

“The PC simulator simulates the same things as the CNC simulator. You can still manipulate a controller, turn on or off options or take your machine tool sitting on the shop floor and put it on the PC simulator,” Nuqui continued. “Doing that, you can simulate the PMC ladder, the controller and everything else. Both simulators could work really well together for education and other companies wishing to develop their own education processes for their operators.”

FANUC also provides simulators for four- and five-axis machines.

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