Waterproof Calipers Offer One-Time Calibration
Staff posted on February 26, 2016 |
MarCal 16 EWR waterproof digital calipers.

MarCal 16 EWR waterproof digital calipers.

The MarCal 16 EWR is the latest in Mahr Federal’s line of waterproof digital calipers. Rated IP 67, the calipers are protected against dust, coolants and lubricants.

The MarCal 16 EWR’s most notable feature is its extended three-year battery life and zero-reference system.

The caliper requires almost no power when in standby mode and its integrated wireless connectivity is deactivated.

Once the zero position is set for the first time, it remains stored, eliminating the need to reset zero every time the caliper is used.

The MarCal 16 EWR’s non-slip thumb support and high-contrast 11 mm digit display are designed to ensure easy handling and accurate reading. It also features lapped guideway surfaces, which are designed to provide an even and sensitive run of the slide and increase overall service life compared to ground guideways.

This is due to the fact that lapped guideways have greater contact area compared to ground.

In addition to a standard guideway locking screw, the new MarCal 16 EWR is equipped with an electronic locking function, which secures the zero position to avoid operating error.

For more information, visit the Mahr Federal website.

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