Space-Saving CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
Staff posted on February 25, 2016 |
FERMAT Machinery’s WFC 10 is designed for small- and medium-sized parts.

(Video courtesy of FERMAT Machinery.)

The WFC 10 is the smallest in FERMAT Machinery’s line of CNC horizontal boring mills.

Featuring four linear axes (X, Y, Z and W) and one rotary axis (B), it can be equipped with a spindle diameter of either 100 mm or 110 mm.

Despite its small size, the WFC 10 handles workpieces weighing up to 3000 kg on its dynamic, crosswise, rotary table, with spindle speeds ranging from 10 – 3,000 RPM.

The WFC 10 CNC horizontal boring mill.
The WFC 10 CNC horizontal boring mill.

The WFC 10 can also be equipped with an automatic tool changer, coolant via the spindle, a chip conveyor or a pallet changing system.

“The majority of our customers try to optimize their production area,” said Jan Ferenc, sales director at FERMAT. “FERMAT’s new WFC 10 CNC reflects this need, saving room while offering machine operators greater ease when running and servicing the machine.”

For more information, visit the FERMAT website.

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