Indexable Head System Features New Shank Designs
Staff posted on February 24, 2016 |
PMX-FL and PMX-AD shanks eliminate the need for special toolholders.

Seco has adding floating and adjustable shank designs to its modular Precimaster Plus indexable head system.

The new floating PMX-FL and adjustable PMX-AD shanks incorporate compact internal systems that eliminate the need for special toolholders to handle their respective functions. 

When compared with special toolholders, these shanks offer less tool overhang by situating the reamers closer to the machine spindle noses. 

Developed for static applications, the PMX-FL shank has a mechanical built-in floating system that provides higher stability compared to tools with common rubber or elastomere-type technology.

The PMX-AD shank for rotating applications has a mechanical internal adjustment feature that uses six screws to provide precise settings and effectively correct spindle runout to less than five microns.   

Applicable to all workpiece materials, the PMX-FL and PMX-AD shanks come in four different sizes to accommodate hole diameters from 10 mm to 60.5 mm. 

The Precimaster Plus System includes solid-carbide disposable cutting heads, a high-precision clamping connection and common holders to achieve IT7 tolerances in blind and through-hole applications.

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