Entries for August 2018

Airbus Leverages VR in Showing Off Its Futuristic Portfolio
Aeronautics and space manufacturer Airbus yesterday released five new multi-user VR (virtual reality...
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VR Project Offers Virtual Tour of Simulated Life on Mars
HP and NVIDIA have unveiled a year long virtual reality program, HP Mars Home Planet.
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The Greatest Engineering Challenge to Improve Mobile Augmented Reality Headsets
Reducing motion-to-photon latency remains crucial to improving user experiences.
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VR Isn’t Just for Gamers
WorldViz Launches Vizard 6 with support for new peripherals and Windows MR headsets, an easier 3D ar...
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CyArk Leverages NVIDIA GPUs to Create New VR Experience
History, conservation, reconstruction and discovery all in one place thanks to reality capture and v...
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Magic Leap Releases a Functional Developer Kit
Magic Leap announces that their first developer headset is available. Should you get your hands on o...
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