Entries for August 2017

U.S. Army to Use Augmented Reality in High-Tech Boot Camp
Are digital environments accurate enough to simulate urban warfare?
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3D Model on HTC Vive and 3D Print Directly from Virtual Reality
Vive Studios in collaboration with Sixense has released an enhanced version of MakeVR Pro.
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Lockheed Martin Is Building NASA Cislunar Habitat Prototype Using Mixed Reality
Lockheed has received a Phase II contract for the NextSTEP habitat study.
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HP Untethers VR But Is the Backpack Soon to be Obsolete?
As new add-ons appear for HTC Vive, HP's first may be short lived.
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HP Spearheads Virtual Reality Simulation of Life on Mars for 1 Million Inhabitants
New corporate collaboration aims to produce immersive visions of red planet colonies.
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Microsoft HoloLens Part Deux to Be Served With Artificial Intelligence
AI coprocessor to be added to holographic processing unit in next-generation mixed-reality headset.
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