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Google Glass Is Back with AI
Improvements in voice interfaces and image recognition give Google Glass a second chance
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Aniwaa Launches VR and AR Comparison Engine
Comparison engine allows users to search and compare hundreds of VR and AR HMDs by price, technology...
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EU Program Looks to Augmented Reality to Improve Airport Throughput, Safety
The RETINA project is a European Union-funded initiative aimed at helping air traffic controllers in...
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PTC’s Vuforia Brings Augmented Reality to Maintenance and Training
Augmented reality for maintenance and repair operations isn't new, but high quality headsets greatly...
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Magic Leap’s Less-Than Spectacular Demo Lessens Anticipation for Release
Magic Leap disappoints with a developer-oriented demo of its technology
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New Diffraction Grating from NC State Promises A Higher Field-of-View for AR Headsets
A closer look inside the engineering wizardry that brings HoloLens to life.
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HoloLens 2 May Double Its Field-of-View and Add On-Board AI Processing Features
A few key patents may reveal what Microsoft’s engineers have been cooking up for mixed reality.
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