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Why Would Anyone Want to Program and Control IoT in Virtual Reality?
Autodesk Research and the University of Manitoba team up to create programmable IoT prototypes using...
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Unreal Studio Powers Photorealistic VR and AR for Product Design Teams
Designers, engineers and customers can engage with immersive photorealistic 3D models that import fr...
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Speedster Coming to Life with VR, AI and One-of-a-Kind 3D Printer
Hackrod takes full advantage of Siemens' technology in design and manufacturing of its latest vehicl...
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Open XR: A Call for Standardization
OpenXR is a royalty-free standard for cross-platform VR and AR development. It’s backed by many of t...
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The Military-Technological Complex: How the US Army Works With the Civilian Tech Industry
Microsoft's US Army deal has been getting a lot of press—and a lot of heat. But it’s hardly unique.
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A Quick Look at the HTC Vive Focus Plus
New features in HTC Vive Plus, an answer to competitor Oculus, which is owned by Facebook
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PTC and ANSYS Bring Real-time Simulation and AR to Design Engineers
Creo Simulation Live could shorten product design lifecycles by giving instant analysis of decisions...
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