Entries for February 2018

A Closer Look at IQ3Connect’s Virtual Reality Platform for Engineers
Plus: IQ3Connect’s Michael Bloor On the Benefits of Immersion Versus 2D Displays
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First Look: The Meta 2 AR Headset
A head-on review from SOLIDWORKS World 2018.
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SOLIDWORKS and Meta Partner to Bring 3D CAD in AR
New Beta Program Opens Today for Augmented Reality Integration with SOLIDWORKS
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HP Z Workstations Get A CPU Boost, Mixed Reality Goes Pro, And More New Virtual Reality Tech Revealed
At SOLIDWORKS World, HP Reveals Four New Additions to Round Out Product Development Workflows in VR
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Trimble Connect for HoloLens Goes Live On-Site Under a New ANSI-Approved Hard Hat
How does mixed reality technology for overlaying 3D models of complex spatial data hold up in the fi...
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HoloLens Gives Surgeons X-Ray Vision During Patients’ Operations
Augmented Reality technology helps doctors in the operating room.
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