Entries for January 2019

Leap Motion's Project North Star AR Headset Went Open Source and Lost its Tether
Developers take DIY approach to build an augmented really headset and now one version is wireless an...
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Medical Capital Innovation Competition For AR/VR/XR Technology Set for Mid-April
Medical Innovations include AR and VR entrees to improve healthcare through immersive technology
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Microsoft Patents Smaller Form Factor Hololens AR Headset
Microsoft is winning the AR game. But is an AR headset for the masses actually viable?
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How ESA Astronauts Use AR and VR to Train for Space
Magic Leap and HTC Vive are being used by the ESA for training astronauts to go aboard the ISS
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Bad News for Augmented Reality as Multiple Startups Fold
ODG, Meta and Blippar are gone. What does this mean for the future of Augmented Reality?
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HTC Vive New Headsets Unveiled at CES 2019
Eye-tracking and foveated rendering will become integral to all future virtual reality experiences.
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How Far Does the New Skully AR Motorcycle Helmet Rise from the Ashes?
Ivan Contreras acquired the assets of Skully in 2017 and is shipping it to early backers who were ri...
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