HTC Offers Starter Kit to Complete the Vive Pro Experience
Juliver Ramirez posted on April 24, 2018 |
The HTC Vive Pro.(Image courtesy of Vive.)
The HTC Vive Pro. (Image courtesy of Vive.)

After HTC announced last month that the price of the Vive Pro would be $799, VR enthusiasts were unimpressed with the new head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) obvious lack of controllers and base stations. For $799, users would only get the Vive Pro HMD, the upgraded Link Box, and the cables to connect it all. Then again, for that same price, users could purchase complete VR sets elsewhere on the market. Despite all of its improvements compared to the Vive 1.0, the Vive Pro’s reception suffered.

HTC soon responded in a blog post indicating that an accessories starter kit–complete with two Vive 1.0 controllers and two Vive 1.0 base stations–is now available with Vive Pro HMD purchases. The starter kit is valued at $299.

Okay, that’s not bad compared to $1,300.

Before the announcement of this new bundle, users were under the impression that, to properly enjoy the Vive Pro, the best bundle to buy was the Vive Pro ($799) and the Vive 1.0 complete set, which HTC recently reduced in price to $499. That would have totaled nearly $1,300, which, understandably, many considered too expensive to enjoy VR.

Now, with the new accessories bundle, the Vive Pro “package” comes to a grand total of about $1,100. If you can part with the cash in exchange for the latest VR headset, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing its combined resolution of 2880x1600, the built-in headphones, improved cushioned headstrap, and dual front-facing cameras, as well as support for SteamVR Tracking 2.0.

But what about the existing Vive owners who already purchased the Vive Pro HMD without the new accessories bundle? HTC offered them a $100 Viveport content credit as well as a year-long Viveport subscription to make amends.

Going forward, HTC plans to release a complete Vive Pro package later this year with accessories designed to better keep up with the powerhouse headset. This package would feature controllers with Triad Semiconductor’s SteamVR sensors as well as base stations with SteamVR Tracking 2.0.

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