3D Systems Acquires Custom Parts Manufacturer

3D custom part printer CRDM to become a 3D Systems company

3d printing, UK, 3d systems,Over the past few months one of the 3D printing industry’s biggest brands has been expanding its portfolio through numerous acquisitions. In a recent announcement 3D Systems has said it will acquire the UK’s CRDM.

CRDM which specializes in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services for the aerospace, motorsport and medical device industries.  This acquisition will give the US giant a foothold in the UK, a country looking to establish a vibrant 3D printing industry.

According to the 3D Systems’ announcement, CRDM will be integrated into the company’s Quickpart custom manufacturing business. “CRDM is a strategic and geographically important addition to our rapidly growing 3D content-to-print services portfolio,” said Ziad Abou, Vice President and General Manager, Quickparts Solutions, 3D Systems. “With a proven track record in advanced manufacturing and rapid tooling, CRDM complements and expands our extensive range of custom parts services.”

While a number of countries are pursuing initiatives to develop homegrown 3D printing industries, the voraciousness of 3D Systems and it’s competitor Statasys’ appetites, might end up consuming the better part of domestic 3D printing industries before they really get established.

Unfortunately, that might not be the best thing for innovation in this growing industry. Let’s just hope upstarts keep coming along to develop new 3D printing technologies and techniques.

Images Courtesy of CRDM