3D Printing Shop Founded in Beirut

beirut, shop, manufactory, concrete, architecture, modelIn a first for the Middle East, a full-service 3D printing shop has been founded in the Mar Mikhael-Rmeil neighborhood of Beirut.

Founded in March by veteran French Architect Guillaume Crédoz, the 3D printing shop, named Rapid Manufactory, will offer design, modelling, scanning, prototyping and even investment casting and ceramic production services to anyone.

What sets Crédoz’s shop apart from many others that have popped up around the world is his investment in developing new materials for his 3D printers. One such creation is his Concrete and Polyamide blend material. According to Crédoz, while this home blend is still in the research and development stages the “Rough and tough concrete [is] hard but brittle [and is] the real deal for architecture models”.

With the massive investment in architecture that has flooded the Middle East, it’s likely the Crédoz has set himself up for amazing success. I image that within a few years, prototypes of many of the most astounding pieces of Middle East architecture will be printed at byRapid Manufactory using his concrete Polyamide blend.

Image Courtesy of Rapid Manufactory