3D Printing is a Makers Dream

We all think of rapid prototyping as a remarkable and futuristic technology. Engineers and designers have long been familiar with 3D printing, but in the end, what makes it so valuable is its ability to leverage the creativity and ingenuity of “non-professionals” who, until recently, didn’t have the means to bring their dreams to life.

Arian Croft and Jeremy Larsen, owners of Ill Gotten Games are two such people.  Obsessed with role playing and board and table top games, Arian and Jeremy were finding it difficult to discover games that met their “incredibly high standards” for playability and imagination.  Their solution was to begin making games of their own design.

Recently, Arian and Jeremy have released their first game “Pocket-Tactics.”  Pocket-Tactics is “a tile-based strategy game in which fantasy forces battle for control of the world.”  Jeremy details how using 3D printing made developing their game possible, “Arian conceived the game on a Tuesday and by that Friday morning we had a working, fully painted copy. Now that’s rapid prototyping.”

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