3D Printed Anatomical Models

Repository of anatomical models free to download.

Sometimes it’s difficult to truly understand that how something works until you can take it apart and put your hands on its internal components. When you’re talking about clocks or computers, that seems pretty commonplace and ethically above board. But when it comes to the mechanics of the human body, it’s a different story.

While accurate anatomical models have been around for a few centuries, they’ve always come with a hefty price tag. However, thanks to Thingiverse and a few of its users, getting your hands on your own anatomical models just became much easier and less expensive. I was lead to this discovery by an article at 3D Printing Industry that was written by Eetu Kuneinen.

Among the models available in Thingiverse’s anatomy collection are a human hand, lumbar vertebrae, ear bones, a heart, and a human foot. Take a look at these models, download them, print them and get to exploring.

hand, model, bones
Human Hand by Botfarm88
vertabrae, model
Lumbar Vertebrae by Cbonsig
ossicles, model
Human ossicles (ear bones) by neurothingheart, model
Anatomical Heart by chanso1
foot, model
Anotomical Human Foot by DrGlassPDM

Images Courtesy of Thingiverse and Wikipedia