As the IPCC reports that 70-80% of coral is certain to die from global warming, Reef Design Lab is f... More >>


Formlabs announced the installation of one of their new Form Cell systems at a health care provider,... More >>


3D scanning and 3D printing help Denise Schindler win medals and the World Championship. More >>


For the first time, researchers have 3D-printed a structure using two mobile printers at the same ti... More >>


GE Transportation has said that it plans to 3D print up to 250 locomotive parts by 2025. More >>


Patches the dachshund was the recipient of a titanium skull implant that might one day change how we... More >>


Materialise is the latest company to deploy simulation software for metal 3D printing. More >>


Siemens has deployed Stratasys 3D printing for its first Digital Rail Maintenance Center. More >>


Stratasys spin-off Evolve Additive has found new funding and a new customer. More >> interviews Aydogan Ozcan about his unique smartphone-based lab equipment, which feat... More >>


While still in high school, Caroline Karbowski developed a project that paired 3D printing enthusias... More >>


We learn about HP’s metal 3D-printing technology, dubbed Metal Jet, from Tim Weber. More >>


Mr. Stubbs’ new prosthetic tail is a victory for 3D printing, but it’s also an unsung victory for 3D... More >>


The new president of 3D Printing for HP will be Christoph Schell. More >> speaks to Mosaic Manufacturing about its new accessory for multi-material and multic... More >> speaks to Velo3D about its next-generation powder bed fusion metal 3D printing techn... More >>


The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective has developed a chemical reactor that people can make at home us... More >> speaks to Formlabs about its latest funding round and the future of the 3D printing ... More >> speaks to Duncan McCallum, CEO of Digital Alloys, about the startup’s Joule 3D Print... More >>


For the first time ever, researchers at the University of Minnesota have been able to 3D print an im... More >>


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