Scientists and engineers at BAE Systems have lifted the lid on some futuristic technologies that cou... More >>


The U.S. Navy hosted its first Maker Faire, a series of workshops titled, "Print the Fleet," to intr... More >>


Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) announced today the award of a $163,000... More >>


3D Printing Sounds Great to Audiowings’ Wireless Headphone Design Team More >>


ColorFabb announces today that it will start producing 3D Printing materials in pellet form. Th... More >>


A BMW pilot project at the Munich plant evaluates application of individual orthotic devices in vehi... More >>


Hardcotton is proud to announce the launch of Elemental – a 3D printer like no other. In the ... More >>


Silicone Molding 2.0 – A New Pattern of Savings with Additive Manufacturing More >>


AM start-up Orange Maker claims to have developed a new 3D Printing process. Have they? More >>


Arthritic ankles can make it nearly impossible for sufferers to walk. A 3D printer is taking the pai... More >>


3D Printed Blow Molds Perfect for Short Run Packaging Production More >>


Quantum Materials Corporation  announces securing 3D printing and additive manufacturing anti-c... More >>


Airwolf 3D, a privately-held designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-performance 3D printers,... More >>


An international consortium of universities have succedded in 3D printing vascular networks. Did bio... More >>


The Franklin Institute's humongous 3D Printed white matter brain model displays AM's educational pot... More >>


Case Study: AM reduces design to deliver time for the fast paced world of NASCAR racing.  More >>


Harvard Engineers Use 3D Printed Resin Inks to Construct Lightweight Composites. Will the new materi... More >>


Aerojet Rocketdyne has successfully completed a series of hot-fire tests on a Bantam demonstration e... More >>


3D Printer creates highly detailed, full color models, but gypsum-base material makes for fragile pr... More >>


Does 3D Printing have the right stuff? The ESA is set to test 3DP's ability to create reliable surfa... More >>


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