The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective has developed a chemical reactor that people can make at home us... More >> speaks to Formlabs about its latest funding round and the future of the 3D printing ... More >> speaks to Duncan McCallum, CEO of Digital Alloys, about the startup’s Joule 3D Print... More >>


For the first time ever, researchers at the University of Minnesota have been able to 3D print an im... More >>


Local Motors has delivered its autonomous electric vehicle to the University of Buffalo. More >>


Researchers have just 3D bioprinted the first placenta organoid, a simplified 3D model of an organ. More >>


Sinterit has announced the release of the Lisa 2 Pro 3D printer and an upgrade to the original Lisa ... More >>


Materialise speaks to about its growing partnership with chemical giant BASF. More >>


Printrbot has shut down operations, but is that a bad thing for 3D printing technology and the marke... More >> speaks to Neil Hopkinson about the formation of 3D printing spin-off Xaar 3D Limited... More >>


The Chattanooga-based additive construction firm has erected what it claims to be the world’s larges... More >>


French 3D printer manufacturer Prodways has acquired wax 3D printing company Solidscape from Stratas... More >> speaks to nScrypt and Techshot about their bioprinter, which will be launched to the... More >>


Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a process for 3D printing materials blended with lignin.... More >>


Chemical giant BASF has acquired Advanc3D and Setup Performance, two companies focused on making SLS... More >>


3D Systems has announced Alfa Romeo as a customer, the launch of a medical modeling service, and new... More >>


Rize and PSMI Group have partnered to supply 3D-printed spare parts and tooling to PSMI’s large indu... More >>


LM Industries is the result of various digital manufacturing projects developed by Local Motors and ... More >>


SUTD assistant professor Javier Gomez Fernandez discusses FLAM, a completely organic material his la... More >>


Audi is using the Stratasys J750 to validate designs for auto components. More >>


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