HP unveils its first home-grown 3DPrinter. Will it really be 10x faster than any other machine? More >>


3D Printing is having a huge impact on space systems design and new component prove that fact. More >>


Gartner: 3D Printer Shipments expected to reach well above 200k units in 2015. More >>


Additive Manufacturing adds ceramics to its materials portfolio with the addition of Lithoz’s ... More >>


New algorthims, developed by Purdue researchers, speed up 3D printing while also reducing waste. More >>


Graphene 3D Lab Inc. 3D prints a working battery. Company expects sales of graphene-enhanced filamen... More >>


Researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs use 3DPrinting to dramatically increase the potential of powe... More >>


3D Systems cuts its year-long economic forecast short after 3rd quarter projections fail to meet exp... More >>


A Japanese man has been given a two year jail sentence for manufacturing 3D printed guns. More >>


The sweet spot for manufacturing auto parts using additive manufacturing More >>


Materialise acquires the UK's Orthoview. firmly positioning itself as a player in the growing #AM Me... More >>


Could "perfectly round", facet-less crystals advance the emerging fields of pharmaceutical and bio-p... More >>


Could the giant, WASP 3DPrinter be a solution for building low-cost housing in the developing world? More >>


Vanderbilt Docs use 3D Printing to address epileptic seizures in a less invasive way. More >>


Researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs discover a new metal 3DPrinting method that produce metal com... More >>


Aerospace students at U. Sheffield rapidly advance the design of their swept wing UAV by using 3D Pr... More >>


So, you've got your new 3DPrinter setup and ready at home. Are there any safety concern you should b... More >>


Could Thorium be critical to the design and operation of safer nuclear reactors? Rsrchers are using ... More >>


Materialise's HeartPrint Material Gains Class 1 Medical Device Designation More >>



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