Have voxeljet found a way to make sand casting more economical for a wider slice of industry? Print ... More >>


Graphene labs makes a strong push into the AM market signing an LOI to purchase an up-and-coming Can... More >>


Sports-related concussions have been in the spotlight in the last year. Will #3DPrinting offer a sol... More >>


According to a Gartner report, 3D Printer purchase and start-up cost will have to drop for wider ado... More >>


A new 3D nano-lithography method could bring AM into deeper into the biomedical, electronic and phot... More >>


voxeljet debuts a new phenolic resin binder. How will it advance metal AM production methods? More >>


Now that NASA has a 3DPrinter aboard the ISS, what issues might the technology face over the long te... More >>


Organovo and the Yale School of Medicine have teamed up to develop 3D printed tissues for surgical i... More >>


Engineers computer-design the most complicated 3-D structures ever made from DNA. Soon they'll print... More >>


Stratasys introduces a new 14-wk curriculum meant to prepare students for careers leveraging 3DP. More >>


The Smithsonian unveils the first 3D Scanned & Printed Presidential portrait. Is it a new standa... More >>


3DPrinting is impacting all aspects of medicine, but one Doc is singing its praises for its contribu... More >>


Could 3D Printing upstarts HP & Autodesk really challenge the big boys of AM? A new collaboratio... More >>


On the topic of 3D Printing, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass says, “It’s really a kind of a pain ... More >>


Metal AM System maker Concept Laser establishes its first US subsidiary in Dallas, Texas.  More >>


Key product launch by Camtek has analysts seeing 120% EPS growth in 2015. More >>


Over recent months we have seen a real change in the evolution of 3D printing technology. New 3D pri... More >>


Japan's Tanaka Corp has developed a platinum metal AM powder and two other nickel-alloys powder mate... More >>


3D Systems enters into a definitive agreement to acquire Cimatron an Israeli 3DP reseller. Will the ... More >>


The acquisition of SpaceClaim by ANSYS has made it evident that users will see enhancements in the a... More >>


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