Bugatti has 3Dprinted the frame for a new electric kids’ car based on the famous Bugatti Type 35 rac... More >>


CHN Industrial has begun 3D printing replacement parts for its specialty equipment. More >>


Farsoon Technologies has partnered with Arkema and Autodesk around laser sintering technology. More >>


Philippines to open AM research center. More >>


Fortify and DSM are developing high-performance composite 3D printing materials for structural parts... More >>


The electronics manufacturer has developed a new digital micromirror device that can be used for 3D ... More >>


Carbon increases its role in the auto space by 3D printing parts for Lamborghini. More >> explores the concept of 4D printing and recent stories related to the technology. More >>


EOS has acquired Stratasys 3D printing spin-off Vulcan Labs. More >>


Has medical 3D printing reached widespread adoption? Or not quite yet. More >>


A team of scientists have tested the viability of 3D-printing resin made from soy bean oil and ligni... More >> speaks to ADDiTEC CEO Brian Matthews about the company’s desktop metal 3D printing t... More >>


Carbon and Ford have expanded their partnership with 3D-printed auto parts. More >> explores the very base roots of the plastics that make up the 3D printing industry. More >> explores the sources of the metals that make up the 3D printing industry. More >>


The EU-sponsored 3D printing project, MAESTRO, is three years in the making and set to be complete i... More >> speaks to additive manufacturing experts about developments that will occur next yea... More >>


Optomec has purchased, Huffman, a firm that uses metal 3D printing for gas turbine component repair. More >>


Rocket Lab's innovative 3D-printed rockets have been taking over the skies in 2018. Now, they're run... More >>


From HP to Origin, we can see that mass additive manufacturing is becoming a reality with 3D printin... More >>


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