The Nanosteel company has expanded its AM material portfolio with a new gradient metal. More >>


America Makes has announced an additional $8M funding to advance AM research and tech. Innovators in... More >>


3D Printing is changing a number of industries, but is it helping science? Princeton researchers say... More >>


GE's Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture are #3DPrinting metal control valves for their oil & gas ope... More >>


A new deal between 3DS & Henry Schein will bring dental printers to the US, France, Canada, Germany ... More >>


The Perfactory 4 DSP XL from EnvisionTec is the de facto standard for hearing aids More >>


Germany's Hermle is joining AM with 5-axis milling in one massive machine. Are system like these the... More >>


Scientists at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in using a 3D printed guide to help nerves ... More >>


LPW Technology signs an agreement with Shaanxi 3D Technology for the supply of AM powders in China. ... More >>


Laser scanning and 3D printing team up to aid paleontologists in their understanding of stegosaurus'... More >>


3D-bioprinting is become an ever increasing section of the AM landscape. EnvisionTec’s 3D-Bioplotter... More >>


Open-source metal printers have developed rapidly over the last few years. Michigan researchers say ... More >>


NTU startup, Blacksmith Group, has debut the world's first 3D printer-cum-scanner. Will the 2-in-1 b... More >>


3Dealise, the construction company Bruil and ExOne have all teamed up to create amazing AM'd concret... More >>


INFOGRAPHIC: In the last 50 years computer science has benefit a number of industries, AM is definit... More >>


3D printing brings ultra-high efficiency solar cells, usually reserved for spacecraft, back to Earth... More >>


NASA's Dragon capsule has returned from the ISS chock full of 3D printed parts. Now they're off for ... More >>


Stratasys has moved to strengthen its hand in China, acquiring a large CAD/CAM Firm. More >>


A team from the University of Texas at Austin have created a way to use DNA as “glue” to... More >>


Imagine printing out molecules that can respond to their surroundings. A new printing technique may ... More >>


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