A one-time biological tool shows versatility as a novel metal 3D printing process. More >>


Creative Colors software and Objet Connex3 series offer improvements to color 3D printing. More >>



EOS shows new industrial 3D printer models at Formnext. More >>


Engineers use ultrasonic waves to create complex microstructures in 3D-printed objects. More >>


The Objet500 Connex3 is a multi-color printer that can blend rigid and rubber-like materials into a ... More >>


New Smart Extruder+ does the trick. More >>


EnvisionTEC Vector 3SP fills gap between the company’s entry-level and large-frame 3D printers. More >>


Expect significant growth in metal additive manufacturing this year. More >>


What will $1.5M buy? A 3D printer that claims to have the biggest build volume on the market. More >>


European automaker Opel is already using the company’s 3D printers on the assembly line. More >>


3D Systems will discontinue production of Cube 3D printers and shut down the 3D print portal. More >>


Preceramic resin is printed then fired to create silicon oxycarbide ceramic. More >>


The Objet500 Connex2 gives designers more material options. More >>


3D-printed textile production line is capable of producing 3 million items annually. More >>


Prints in many materials and colors. More >>


CyBe Construction seeks EU certification. More >>


Should your company buy a 3D printer or outsource until the technology is more mature? More >>


Digital manufacturing service combines 3D scanning, modeling and printing for fast turnaround. More >>


Relatively few desktop 3D printers boast print speeds of 400mm/second, but we found a video of one. More >>


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