Firefighter Ed Zarick has released the designs for a 3D printed, functioning and full-scale model of... More >>


To design their partially 3D-printed UA Architechtraining shoes, Under Armour made use of generative... More >>


Autodesk’s Ember 3D printer allows for the tweaking of code and materialsto make the printer 24 time... More >>


Arevo Labs prints with continuous carbon fiber and wins REAL Deal 2016 Startup Competition. More >>


The ZMorph 2.0 S is a 3D printer, CNC mill, laser engraver, paste printer and more, all packed into ... More >>


Israeli firm XJet gets $25M from Catalyst CEL and Autodesk and is set to expand NanoParticle Jetting... More >>


Concrete used as the 3D printing material for a high-rise project in Singapore. More >>


Origin hacks Autodesk’s Ember 3D printer to make ready-to-ship authentication tags for Marshawn Lync... More >>


University of Illinois business school lands a makerspace, thanks to Ultimaker. More >>


Researchers are able to translate the sound of a 3D printer into G-code—and recreate the printed par... More >>


Carbon’s CLIP systems make their way to a handful of service bureaus. More >>


Sciaky upgrades its EBAM technology with a new closed-loop control system. More >>


A unique metal additive manufacturing process relies on screen-printing tech for mass producing meta... More >>


MarkForged coming out with new carbon fiber 3D printer. More >>


3D printing is a critical part of a new cloud-based solution for building orthotics. More >>


How metal 3D printing is leaping the “valley of death” between research and production. More >>


3D-printed models of animal bones might give veterinarians a pre-operative advantage. More >>


ICESat-2 employs part made from novel 3D printing material. More >>


New materials developed by Stratasys Advanced Materials are aiding critical aerospace applications. More >>


Siemens invests in a dedicated metal AM facility for its turbine division. What does the future hold... More >>


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