Upon purchasing a 3ntr A4 3D printer, SOF-TEK is able to 3D print end parts for customers. More >>


The Ember 3D printer is a desktop digital light processing machine for low-cost prototyping and prod... More >>


Nano Dimension CBO Simon Fried discusses the company's PCB 3D printing technology and its future. More >>


Made In Space will be sending a device capable of drawing out ZBLAN optical fibers to the Internatio... More >>


Markforged makes one of the few desktop 3D printers capable of continuous fiber reinforcement. More >>


Sigma Labs CEO Mark Cola discusses in-process quality assurance for metal 3D printing. More >>


Airbus subsidiary APWorks has turned to SAP for supply chain solutions related to 3D printing. More >>


Tri-Star Design will be developing electronics for the MultiFab 3D printer, hinting at a possible pr... More >>


ENGINEERING.com provides a breakdown of some of the most widely used or most unique 3D printer mater... More >>


Ricoh has officially sold its first SLS 3D printer to Laser Zentrum Nord in Germany. More >>


Eventuri 3D prints prototypes of aftermarket auto intake systems with Ultimaker 3D printers. More >>


WhiteClouds has launched a program for architects to 3D print building models. More >>


Startup Desktop Metal promises plug-and-play metal 3D printer and has investment to back it up. More >>


HP has announced the acquisition of popular 3D scanning firm DAVID Vision Systems. More >>


The Juno satellite, featuring over a dozen 3D-printed parts, is now orbiting Jupiter. More >>


In an exclusive tour of HP’s new offices, Shane Wall and Stephen Nigro discussed 3D printing and ble... More >>


In an investment round led by Piper Jaffray, Norsk Titanium has received $25 million in funding. More >>


Doctors 3D print a mold with which to cast a silicone facial prosthesis for a patient. More >>


The Sharebot Voyager WARP is capable of 3D printing at a rate of 100 mm/h. More >>


ENGINEERING.com looks at polymer extrusion 3D printing with Cosine Additive, ORNL and Techmer ES. More >>


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