As industrial interest in 3D printing grows exponentially, new players are sure to arrive. One of th... More >> speaks to Joseph Crabtree, CEO of AMT, about its polymer 3D printing post-processing... More >> looks at carbon fiber 3D printing, its roots and applications. More >>


The 24th annual Wohlers Report is available now; Terry Wohlers shares a look at the findings. More >>


Henkel is now offering recycling options for its Loctite brands in additive manufacturing. More >>


The most popular 3D printing biopolymer may not be as eco-friendly as promised. More >>


We’re nearing the release of Prusa’s first resin 3D printer, and it’s time to think about what this ... More >> speaks to the Danish construction 3D printing company about its second-generation co... More >>


Formlabs’ latest 3D printers feature new light processing engines for higher detailed parts. More >>


Stratasys has released a new desktop FDM 3D printer and its first ever SLA 3D printer. More >>


The metalONE 3D printer is a small, comparatively low-cost selective laser melting 3D printer. More >>


Mimaki, known for its 2D printers and full-color 3D printer, has launched a desktop 3D printer. More >>


Prodways has unveiled a roadmap for creating clear dental aligners with little human intervention. More >>


A team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a 3D printer that combines visible a... More >>


Bugatti has 3Dprinted the frame for a new electric kids’ car based on the famous Bugatti Type 35 rac... More >>


CHN Industrial has begun 3D printing replacement parts for its specialty equipment. More >>


Farsoon Technologies has partnered with Arkema and Autodesk around laser sintering technology. More >>


Philippines to open AM research center. More >>


Fortify and DSM are developing high-performance composite 3D printing materials for structural parts... More >>


The electronics manufacturer has developed a new digital micromirror device that can be used for 3D ... More >>


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